Earn interest on your digital cash*

Voluto is a high-interest savings account alternative with no lock-up period.

28 985 157.34 € is currently earning 5.6%* annual interest

*interest rate changes frequently based on supply and demand, check the historical graph.

How much could I earn?

Account balance




Yearly earnings

Industry avg.


Yearly earnings

How it works?

Voluto connects your funds with a digital cash pool on a Compound platform. Interest is generated by borrowers who secure loans with their own funds. Low minimum deposit, no hidden fees, or lock-up periods.

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In order to access the digital cash pool, the borrower has to secure a loan with 2x the amount they borrow.

Withdraw anytime

No lock-up periods. One-click to start, withdraw anytime.

Use EUR to fund and withdraw

Use bank transfer to add funds or withdraw in EUR.

Small minimum deposit, no fees

Start earning with as little as 20 EUR. No administration or advisory fees.

€ 28 million+

amount in digital cash pools




average yield

3 382


Coming soon

Debit Card for your daily activities

Soon, every Voluto account will come with its own debit card. Perfect for your daily transactions and money management. And when you’re not spending, you’ll be earning interest on your balance 24/7.