About us

As a group of friends and crypto natives, we faced a problem: we couldn’t find a product which combined core crypto management functionalities with seamless user interface.

On one side there are crypto exchanges built for professionals which provide great functionality and flexibility, but frustrating user experience. On the other, there are one-stop-crypto shops which provide great user experience, but offer very limited crypto management.

From that frustration Voluto was born. A radically faster and easier way to invest, control and manage your crypto portfolio.

Meet the team

We are group of crypto natives that been in the industry for a while. As a group we have launched and sold crypto companies, developed hardcore tech solutions, traded and invested into crypto assets.

Laurynas Jokubaitis

Co-founder • Product

Product focused crypto geek. Founded and invested into tech companies. Co-founded, raised $37m and then sold a reputation protocol company Monetha.

Forbes 30 under 30, 2018

Lukas Kairys

Co-founder • Technology

Technical manager with deep knowledge and hands-on experience on various blockchain and crypto currency solutions. Worked with over 10 different blockchain projects.

Ex CTO at Cryptodus, Blockchain lead at Wepower

Erikas Mališauskas

Co-founder • Design

More than 8 years designing handy user interfaces, attractive product landing pages and satisfying mobile apps.

Ex head of design at HumansApp, Monetha

Founder of Redefinio

Igoris Voičenica


6+ years of hardcore digital marketing experience driving business performance for B2C and D2C brands globally through strategy and execution

Digital manager at Withlocals, Director of Strategy at iProspect

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